So, you've heard your soul whisper...


Or, perhaps it's been screaming...


Which, if you are anything like me (and I suspect you are),
the soul's call is followed shortly by a barrage of questions and concerns...

Something along the lines of ...

Ouch. Seriously. Ouch. But... I so hear you.

It was exactly the same for me. And I had the tech side of things sorted. I'd spent 20 years working with audio and still struggled to go live.

You know, we can stand on one side of the river, knowing we need to be on the other. And as we stand on the edges of the river bank, we can think of a million different ways to cross the river safely. We can conjure up in our minds all the possible snags that might get in the way. But we can't think our way across the river, we simply must dive in, or find something to float across on.

Radcasters is your podcast floatation device. I'll show you exactly HOW to create a quality podcast that people will engage with and want to listen to. I'll help you figure out exactly how to make it worth your while. And then I'm going to help you move through the fear and doubt... when you hit up against yourself, which we all do, as we put ourselves out there on a bigger level.

Maybe you've found yourself here because:

  • you know you have a message that needs to be heard (even if you're not clear exactly what that message is just yet)
  • you want to create a podcast that people actually want to listen to
  • you want to build a really solid tribe of people who just want more and more from you
  • you feel (maybe almost) ready to speak up and be heard
  • you want to create something with meaning and purpose
  • you want to really engage your potential audience/client
  • you want to have impact
  • you know you were destined for more... but haven't yet reached it

You are in the perfect place

If you're here purely because this is the next tool in your online marketing toolbox and you want to get as many leads into the opening of your sales funnel as possible... I might not be the right fit for you, or maybe I'm exactly what you need.

Because I fully believe that a successful podcast comes down to two key things:

 quality audio & a solid message

You can drive all the traffic in the world to your podcast. Do all the marketing things... but if your program is not consistent in sound quality and delivering value to your audience, none of the 'tricks of the trade' are going to work. It's not going to sustainable growth. And people are not going to hang around.

Ready to make your mark with your message and have it land cleanly and clearly with your people?

I’m here to make it child’s play.

Click 'I'm ready. Let's go!' and let's do this!

Just incase you need reminding about the magic of podcasting

There's no doubt that podcasting is an awesome way to set you up as an expert in your field. That it makes it so easy to reach your ideal client. That you can grow your audience with less hard work than blogging. And that you can go with your client, wherever they go (the car, walking the dog, cooking dinner).

I’ve had guests from my show contact me to tell me they had sales directly from appearing on my show. They were totally qualified leads who converted themselves. They were totally qualified leads who converted themselves. Why? Well because they felt like they knew them. They had felt part of the conversation and so already established that trust that can take months or years of being on your list.

It’s so much more personal than writing.

Listeners can get a real sense of who you are, from your voice. You are letting them in. It builds trust very quickly. And that converts much quicker than any other medium I’ve come across. I mean these people are spending time with you in their home, while they are driving, or walking the dog. Rapport is built quickly because you are part of their life. They are inviting you in.

Imagine building those kinds of relationships with your potential ideal clients. And all through creating a podcast.

If you're the stats type, here's some to sink your teeth into.

There are roughly 2.7 million blog published most days.  300 HOURS of YouTube content uploaded every single minute (and those stats are from early 2014 - so it's much more today).  And less than 300,000 podcasts on iTunes.  And that's not even active podcasts. That's all podcasts, in all languages, in all of iTunes. Active podcasts is shockingly less than 100,000 (if you're interested in the sources for these stats, please click here).

It's not a crowded space as yet, but is fast gaining the attention it deserves from popular press… which indicates it about to reach tipping point.

Seriously, starting a podcast is a no brainer. If you’ve got something you want to say, there are people who want to hear it. The brainer part comes in when you’ve got to figure out all the logistics.... and that’s where I come in.

The time is NOW.  Stop putting it off and let’s make it happen, together. People need to hear what you’ve got to say.

Then the inner critic comes to the forefront and hits you with shit like:

So back to my story for a bit....

I’m an ex-radio jock, producer and copywriter, current in-demand Voice Over Artist and Agent. I’ve been working with audio for the past 20 years (well, longer actually... since I first got my double tape deck at around age 7 - yep. I’m of ‘that’ vintage). Fair to say, when it comes to knowing what it takes to create great quality audio and engaging programming.

Even with all that knowledge, I still took years to finally start my own podcast. It’s something I’ve wanted to do since I left my job in radio, but I didn’t know what I wanted to talk about or what to do once I had recorded and edited the audio (which is my zone of genius).

I guess my real fear was around putting my voice out there (not behind a big name client).

But I was at a complete loss as to how to get my show from great quality content, to live in iTunes. Eventually, I bit the bullet. I put my head down and bum up and learnt everything I needed to know. And the parts I couldn’t figure out, I enlisted the services of those who could help.

Two days into my podcasting journey I hit number one in iTunes. Yep. That's me there, on top of Pat Flynn and Gary Vee.


I was featured in New and Noteworthy for months and months. And still feature in What's Hot under the business category. My audience grows on a daily basis, and people contact me every single day to thank me for what I put out there.

These days, I'm invited to speak at incredible events all over the country (like Problogger, We Are Podcast and Soul Sister Session). My podcast has really elevated me to 'someone'... someone who is in demand. Someone who people want to hear from.

Before the podcast, I'd blogged my little heart out. And never experience anything, or had doors open for me, like I have since starting Karlosophies.

Sure, there have been hard days. Days when I've had to hustle at the last minute to get an ep out, but it's always been worth it.

To have an impact. To have people who know, like and trust me. To have people lining up for more. Asking 'when are you going to run a retreat?', and 'when can I preorder your book?'. To have people who have listened to every single podcast I've ever produced contact me to say they are disappointed to be up to date and are patiently waiting until next Wednesday. It's incredibly humbling. And an honour.

So, you can see... if I (an audio expert with a background in radio) finds it hard to start a podcast, is it any wonder you are feeling overwhelmed? I mean, I knew all the tech side of it... and I still procrastinated! But, starting a podcast has literally changed my life for the better. And it could change yours too.

I'm currently gathering brave souls: a collective of future superstar podcasters willing to step up and be heard - with a rock solid message and audio to match.

Are you brave enough to answer the call (and follow your calling)?

Join this growing movement of people taking the podcasting world by storm; making sure their audio quality supports and matches the power of their message...

... and simultaneously, ridding the world of shit sounding podcasts.

So what will you learn?

During this 6 module eCourse you’ll learn everything you need to know, specifically (but not only), how to:

  • Create a recording space that will get the most out of your mic
  • Edit in different software (Adobe Audition and Audacity - one paid, one free)
  • Create your own show intro and outro
  • Create iTunes friendly artwork for your show
  • Go live in iTunes
  • Decide which hosting platform is right for you (and how they work)
  • Identify the best ways to market your podcast
  • Master tools for planning, automation and making money from your podcast
  • Get crystal clear on who you are talking to, what you are talking about and why you are talking

You'll get access to...

Our 6 module e-course which covers the topics of:

  • Concept (getting clear on your idea and expectations)
  • Audio (recording, editing, space and software)
  • Going live (hosting and iTunes)
  • Marketing (where, what and how)
  • Workflow (creating automation and scheduling systems)
  • Where to from here (monetising and moving forward)


You can upgrade to join our Community for only $20 a month.

This includes; an exclusive Facebook group where you can ask the dumb questions that you are afraid to ask anywhere else, a monthly live call with me (including hot seats and podcast reviews) and access to a video library of extra resources to help you on your journey.

Essentially, we'll cover how to:

  • Come up with a great concept that you are passionate about so that you can truly speak to the heart of your ideal audience
  • Decide on a format that works for you so that you can be consistent and enthusiastic about podcasting
  • Record great audio so that your ideal client isn’t distracted from your awesome message by shitty sound

So, what's the deal?

$497 AUD or 2 payments of $275

This option gives you immediate access to all 6 modules that make up our Radcasters Podcasting School. This is our do-it-yourself option that covers all the techy information that will take you from no idea to iTunes as fast as you like.

If you'd like help around more than just the tech... things like; getting clear on your message, providing great quality content to your audience, learning how to be a great interviewer, or maybe you'd like to bounce ideas of your podcast around with others, get feedback on designs, receive help finding guests, then you'll want to be upgrading to our Radcasters Membership (only $20 per month) when you check out below.

Join NowOne payment of $497 AUD
Join Now2 payments of $275 AUD

You could spend hours, weeks, months, years trying to learn all the stuff you need to know in order to get your podcast off the ground. Even then, you still don’t know what you don’t know, right? Well, I do know. I’ve spend 20 years learning everything you need to know. So let me share all that knowledge with you. Let me put it together in easy to follow steps. Let me translate it into bite size chunks in a language you can easily understand. Let me show you how fun, enjoyable and rewarding it can be.