About Karly

Karly Nimmo is a No. 1 iTunes podcaster, with two hit shows; Karlosophies and Keeping Good Company. She’s a serial entrepreneur, mad creator, born communicator and killer storyteller with a knack for getting you to connect to your truth and see life from a different perspective.

Through her podcasts, retreats, mastermind and Radcasters, Karly acts as a guide to connect you back to the truth of who you really are... helping you to find your voice, so that you can show up and speak up as YOU.

Karly started Radcasters in 2015 and over the following 18 months she helped over 150 podcasters to move through their fear, and go live. After falling into the trap of online marketing hoohar, she took a hiatus from Radcasters and the bullshit of the internet marketing world. 

And now, after a year off, she's back... and ready to make Radcasters her (and your) own. 

Karly brings a lifetime of experience in using her voice, 20+ years working with audio, a background in radio and 15 years of solo entrepreneurship to bring you this incredible totally revamped version of Radcasters. Everything you need to go live with ease, creativity, FUN, while deeply connected to your truth.

This is podcasting done YOUR way. 



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